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hr outsourcing for cannabis

Let Flower Power Consulting handle your HR so your company can grow from seed to flower (I know, I know - stay with us)! Allow us to hash out your employee relations (got you again)! Most small cannabis businesses have a handful of employees and do not have an HR specialist to help guide them. They outsource their accounting, compliance, and payroll functions to those who specialize in cannabis, why not HR? HR goes beyond filling out paperwork and processing payroll. There are many issues that can cost an employer (particularly a small employer) a ton in lawsuits, citations, and legal fees. Outsourcing HR saves money (the cost of a full-time HR employee, lawsuits & fines from not knowing, time spent looking for the “right” answer on Google). In addition, outsourcing HR can increase productivity and employee engagement, which increases profit (who doesn’t want that)!

recruit cannabis talent

policies, procedures and payroll

Human resources management 

Why outsource HR?

Outsourcing minimizes cost, reduces risk, and provides a fresh look and strategy into your business. It does this by reducing the cost a small business spends to hire an HR expert on staff and it saves businesses with current staff HR specialists from having them spend their precious time on administrative tasks. HR outsourcing can be used as your entire HR department, or it can be used as an assistant to your current HR department. This is why Flower Power Consulting provides tiered pricing, to fit your unique business situation and goals. Proactively protecting your business and helping you achieve your goals while adhering to your mission and values is paramount for our HR business strategists.

Do you need cannabis talent?

We help companies find the talent they need to grow their business. Flower Power Consulting is your one-stop solution for curated and high-intent talent looking to work in the cannabis industry. Whether you are hiring or searching, we are here to help. Contact us to discuss how we can help grow your team. We're here to help. 

Standard Operating Procedures

Flower Power Consulting agents will develop and write the Stand Operating Procedures for your cannabis retail business. Dispensary standard operating procedures are the documents, protocols, systems, and processes your cannabis dispensary will have to manage the business's day-to-day operations. SOPs help companies guide their employees in executing their business tasks to increase efficiency and profitability in the long term. 

SOPs will also help you comply with the regulators' requirements and improve your dispensary's efficiency and profitability.

High-level, good dispensary SOPs help your business run smoothly, act as a compass for your employees, and build brand loyalty and company culture.

SOPs will also ease the onboarding process for new team members who can check the guidelines before executing new tasks to ensure proper task completion.  
Another reason SOPs are necessary is because regulators require dispensaries in the cannabis industry to have SOPs in place to ensure that they abide by the guidelines. However, while adhering to regulatory guidelines is essential, that is not the only reason you should design and implement robust SOPs.

Managing and elevating your team is an investment in your business, your bottom line, the culture of your comapny and the happiness of those within it.

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