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The only craft cannabis sales agency offering a virtual model for  your business

Virtual model

We offer our retail partners a virtual sales experience to reduce the environmental impact on the cannabis industry. This allows retailers to focus on their day-to-day operations and allows us to connect with them regarding your brand intentionally. We are the only sales agency focusing on our global footprint while maintaining strong relationships while promoting your brand.


Strategic planning

Using insights and data we'll develop a strategic plan for your brand. From selling into government wholesalers to consumer engagement, we're there. Our agency and your brand have a shared vision of reducing the environmental impact of the cannabis industry. 



We have long-standing relationships with retailers in the provinces, this has given us insight into their needs and allows us to offer sales services that work for the brand and the retailer. Our unique model not only considers the needs of the brand and retail partner, but it is also the only agency taking the archaic model of door-to-door sales into consideration and developing a new way to reduce our global impact.



We are dedicated and passionate in educating our retailer partners to ensure your brand gets the attention it deserves at a retail level. Educated and engaged retail employees are more likely to sell your brand and share your brand story. We have developed a virtual selling series to keep our partners engaged in your brand's products.




Consumer engagement and education are just as important as retailer engagement. During our strategic planning phase, we'll develop how best to reach your end consumer. We will distinguish your brand in this competitive market and create brand loyalty.



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